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Resilient Revolution Connection 10"6 x 32 X 6 (Includes Unlimited Intro Lessons)

Resilient Revolution Connection 10"6 x 32 X 6 (Includes Unlimited Intro Lessons)

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The Resilient Revolution Connection 10"6


So,…you’re looking for one board that can do it all, but its a bit confusing as there’s so many to choose,… put simply,…this is the board for you,…if you’re weighing in at under 100KG.

The board itself will take a fair bit more weight but we like to keep safety and enjoyment the priority.


This board package is unrivalled in its combination of product, its accessories and it’s performance, but it doesn’t stop there, this package comes with unlimited introduction to paddle boarding lessons with Snappy Sup’s. 

You’ll have unlimited access to enable you to become confidant in how to use your board, how to self rescue (THE most important aspect of paddle-boarding)

We’ll also ensure you know where to use your board and more importantly, where not to use it!


PLUS,... when you buy this board package,...we’ll gift someone navigating mental or emotional health adversity a free introduction to paddle-boarding session at Snappy Sups,... WIN,... WIN!

This iSUP is the a superb all-rounder,...Shaped to enhance performance on the water and in versatile ways.

From chilling with its wide stable centre to surfing, using it’s raised rocker at the nose for wave performance.


The Resilient Revolution “connection” model will perform effortlessly and energetically in most conditions its in.

So if you're planing to travel on an adventure over some distance, it’s reassuring to know that it’ll glide through the water further per paddle stroke than most all-round boards on the market, and what makes it even more attractive is that this board package comes with carbon fibre shaft paddle and nylon blade as standard. 

Whats Included


  • Two-stage pump     
  • Carbon fibre shafted paddle with nylon blade
  • Ankle surf leash
  • Valve repair kit 
  • Lightweight and durable rucksack to carry your board, it's accesories and spare clothes
  • Shaped for multi-disciplined performance, so if its surfing or sun tanning you’re looking for this is board for you
  • Comfortable deck pad for every discipline.
  • Stylish and well placed kick tail on the deck pad to make progression for turns an easy transition

      Under 10 kg in weight making the board easy to carry and easy to    

      access those harder to reach hidden coastal gems

  • Triple fin set up, which provides board stability and accuracy when paddling, 


Technical Jargon


  • Recommended Pressure: 12-13 PSI
  • Max Pressure: 15 PSI
  • Length: 10'6''
  • Width: 32'' 
  • Thickness: 6''
  • Volume: 290 litres
  • Max weight Capacity: 130kg
  • Board weight:  9.75kg
  • Double layered fusion
  • 3 fin set up including 9" central detachable 
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