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Why ?


Our modern world has a lack of authentic leaders.

It's full of distraction and dis-connection.


We're actively fighting back by re-building confidence in people to just simply be themselves, and to lead their own paths, with confidence and with Freedom From Fear.

Resilient Revolution is for true leaders, for the real and authentic few and for the warriors that stand up and say NO,

No Cheats, No Egos

Born from lessons learnt while navigating significant adversity.

Resilient Revolution was created to provide Connection for Resilient people.


Connection with themselves, Connection with each other, and Connection with nature. 


To become Resilient, takes as long as it takes, it's a gritty and solitary path to discover who we really are.

 Jobs, careers, relationships, sports titles, and material items are all meaningless if we hide behind them as our identity.

We'll only find our authentic selves after experiencing the death of our own ego.

To fully process and do the deep inner work involved in discovering who we really are is certainly for the few and not the many, but once we've navigated the worst parts of "The Journey"

Everything makes sense, the world becomes a beautiful place, and we become the leader of our own path, while moving forwards with Freedom From Fear.

Resilient Revolution is for you if you're currently navigating adversity, or you've come out the other side of your personal storm.


You're NOT alone.

 We'll be friends for life and you'll completely understand the meaning behind the brand, especially the two white doves in the logo.


To be Resilient is the ultimate strength, it won't come from success and it won't come from good times. We learn to be Resilient while navigating the depths of despair, and riding the waves of those seemingly endless stormy seas.

Learning to be Resilient teach's us to be comfortable being uncomfortable.


Revolution is our tribe of warriors that buy our boards, clothing or well-being products.

All our boards come with unlimited Intro lessons with Snappy Sups as standard,

We want our customers to feel happy & confident, not just in paddle-boarding but in who they are as individuals.


Our boards communicate, if you see the two white doves while out on the water, you'll know the owner will be confidant in their ability, they'll know how to self rescue.

They'll be knowledgeable on water safety and surf etiquette, and you won't find them paddle-boarding dangerously in places they shouldn't be

We practice and preach water safety.


Game changer. 

Stand up & stand out with 


Freedom From Fear.


Start your 


Resilient Revolution 


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